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Originally Posted by benbret View Post
NFHS test question says exposed undergarments are considered part of the official uniform and may be of any solid color. Here is the statement on the NF website
3-2-7Clarified that exposed undergarments must be a solid color.
Rule book says must be a solid school color. solid color and solid school color are not the same.
Is there a place on the lineup card to list school colors? No way to enforce it then, solid color on the other hand can be so I'd stick with solid colors.

Was a few years back doing an ASA womens A, AA state. One team showed up in basketball jerseys with sports bras underneath. ASA says exposed undergarments should be the same color as the shirt or pants. Tourny organizers gave teams until the 2nd day to co-ordinate. Had one player say to me no problem, not wearing one and proceeded to prove it. Sure made running a little tough at the start of the game.
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