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I notice the bicep bands in the Pitt game too. They seem to be legal.

Originally Posted by shishstripes View Post
Watching the WV vs Pitt game last night and notice Pitt's big guy wearing thin, gold arm bands above the biceps on each arm. Is there a major difference with NCAA-M and NFHS regarding this rule?
There are a couple of differences. You can decide whether they are major or minor. Basically, the NFHS permits a width of up to 4 inches, while the NCAA limit is 2, and the NCAA does not have the restriction that the NFHS does about wearing the item below the elbow, nor does there seem to be a limit to how many can be worn, while the NFHS says only one on each wrist.

NCAA rules:
3-5-15 Wristbands no wider than 2 inches made of single-color cloth similar to the dominant color of the game jersey, white, black or (women) beige and unadorned (except for one manufacturer’s logo or one institutional logo/mascot that shall meet the size restrictions of Rule 3-6.1.a) are legal.

3-5-16. Wristbands and headbands shall be uniform to each other for the entire team.

NFHS rules:
3-5-3a. Headbands and wristbands must be white, black, beige or a single solid color similar to the torso of the jersey and must be the same color for each item and all participants. See 3-6 for logo requirements.

3-5-3c. If worn, only one wristband is permitted on each wrist, each must be worn on the arm below the elbow, each must be moisture-absorbing, nonabrasive and unadorned, and each must be a maximum of 4 inches.
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