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Originally Posted by Kevin Finnerty View Post
Echoing what Bret said, I once ordered and tried on a pair of Fechheimer plate slacks. I made the mistake of ordering them in my actual size. Stupid, I know.

Such stupidity cost me $29.00 to try them on ($8.00 shipping to me; $11.00 to hem them; $10 shipping back to the supplier). So of course, I eventually turned to Honig's, the place that has shirts that run too small and slacks that fit beautifully.
I'm not sure what I'll do this season. I've lost some (OK, more than some) weight -- I'm in a size 38 jeans and an XL polo shirt, although I am getting through basketball season with one pair of 40 pants that I "Welmer" every trip just about and an enormously huge 3XL shirt (talk about shirts that run small - basketball shirts, in my experience, do this, but I would probably be fine in a XXL and a bit snug in an XL).

I'm thinking about heading up to Davis in Appleton where I can try stuff on, but I hate, hate, hate their dark gray pants (umpire Dickeys). I'll probably just guess on premium pants sizes from Honig's and not get a hem put in them and if I have to reorder, so be it. I'm also hoping to drop another pants size by April, so I'm going to wait a bit.
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