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Exclamation My partner told me this

Last night, I worked with a guy who does almost as many kids rec games a year as I do. He said that last week he had an unusual event happen just prior to a 7th grade boys game. It was a few minutes before game time and both teams were warming up. He and his partner were on the floor and saw one of the kids dunk the ball. The kid then turned towards the other team and beat his chest while yelling. Before the two officials could react, a kid on the other team, who saw the first kid, did the same!

One official went over to one team to assess the T and the other official went over to the other team to do the same. They found out later that the two kids are friends and had done this once already this season in a previous game.

Apparently, it's OK with their coaches. The "league" won't do anything because these teams are independent and contract with an organizer strictly for scheduling purposes, so there's no real governing authority.

Now that the two teams have played each other twice, they have no more games remaining in which they face each other, so it is unlikely either kid will do this again, since (my partner was told) they do this only with each other.

Anyone hear of anything even remotely like this happening elsewhere?
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