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Originally Posted by Johnny Ringo View Post
Can a team start six players? This team has six seniors ... can they do this and get T?

My understanding is you can't start the game with six!
Originally Posted by Nevadaref View Post
Indiana did this a couple years ago when Knight was still the coach. They simply sent all six seniors out there and as soon as the referee tossed the ball, making it live, one of the umpires blew the whistle and called a T.

Knight said that there was no way that he could tell any one of his seniors that he wasn't starting on senior night. He gladly took the T.
Just to mention it, the same applies to Fed: the ball is first live when it leaves the Referee's hands. So if the same thing happened in a Fed game, and a coach wanted to start 6 Seniors, the U would follow the same mechanic in NV's post.

Personally, I think this is a valid way to honour Seniors. Good call by Knight.
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