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Originally Posted by A Pennsylvania Coach View Post
1) One guy was running his mouth the whole first half.

2) I found out later he said something to my partner like "you have to help him out" and my partner flipped. He stopped the game and announced that the next guy who said anything would be tossed.
1) There's your first mistake right there. You never let anybody run their mouth for a whole half. Of course, he's gonna keep it up until you do do something about it. Warn the first time and then whack him. You always have to end up doing that anyway...but only after you've taken further abuse from him for a complete half. If you won't take care of bidness, you don't get to complain.

2) And there's your partner's first mistake too. You "T" the act. That guy got a pass...he completely got away with dumping on you to your partner. Maybe the next guy making a comment hasn't said a single word up to that date. Don't you're gonna nail him and let the chronic b!tcher slide. That's just wrong. The idea is to treat every player on both teams the same way. They all should get a warning and then get whacked if they're giving you a hard time.

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