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Originally Posted by fljet View Post
whatever Im not a Cardinals or Steelers fan and I did not enjoy the game tonight ... due to the lopsided officiating
I know I am probably tilting at windmills here but I have to ask. Did it occur to you that Arizona had more fouls called on them because they committed more fouls? Before you mention it, I do not have a rooting interest in either team.

Originally Posted by 3mnkys View Post
one other comment though, on the Harrison personal foul penalty, he did punch the player at least once before they seperated and then he proceeded to flagrantly push the Cardinal player down. Whether that warrants an ejection is open for debate, but there was at least one punch thrown that was captured by NBC cameras and shown in the extended replay.
In high school, I can definitely see the blow being considered flagarant and the player disqualified. The push after that did not rise to the level of being flagarant, which by rule, requires an ejection.
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