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Originally Posted by waltjp View Post
Both feet have to touch the ground. I didn't think there was any doubt that this was a TD. The field judge was the first to go up with the hands and he had the best view of the play. He was right on the sideline looking at Homles' feet.
thanks, I am a Cardinal AND Steeler fan (born in Pitt, raised in AZ) I wanted to simply see a good game, and it certainly'll see the photos probably over the next few days, but I also think he clearly had both feet on the ground and was in control of the ball...

one other comment though, on the Harrison personal foul penalty, he did punch the player at least once before they seperated and then he proceeded to flagrantly push the Cardinal player down. Whether that warrants an ejection is open for debate, but there was at least one punch thrown that was captured by NBC cameras and shown in the extended replay.
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