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Originally Posted by fljet View Post
whatever Im not a Cardinals or Steelers fan and I did not enjoy the game tonight as with the other 20 or so folks, due to the lopsided officiating, many were judgement calls but to average fans, and not trained officials the game was poorly officiated. We can argue about it all week but the bottom line is that the Cardinals got robbed.
Sorry, but most here do not care what fans think. Just like you said they do not know anything about officiating.

And I do not understand how the Cardinals got robbed. They scored with 2 plus minutes to go. The Steelers were called for a holding penalty to not only resulted in a safety, but the first play of the drive after the Cardinals scored their last TD, the Steelers were called for a holding penalty that put them deeper in their own territory.

Originally Posted by fljet View Post
If you can review the entire game film and still come to the same conclusion then you must be a Pittsburgh bandwagon fan, I guarantee that this crew will receive a less than perfect grade.
Actually I am a Rams fan and I have great respect for Kurt Warner that he brought the only Super Bowl title to my home team. I also have a lot of respect for Mike Tomlin and I really did not have much of a rooting interest in this game at all. Not all of us care who wins. I would have been satisfied with either team winning. But I have been officiating for over 10 years and I look at the game through the eyes of an official and look to see if plays would have been the same way I would have called them if in a similar situation.

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