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Originally Posted by fljet View Post
whatever Im not a Cardinals or Steelers fan and I did not enjoy the game tonight as with the other 20 or so folks, due to the lopsided officiating, many were judgement calls but to average fans, and not trained officials the game was poorly officiated. We can argue about it all week but the bottom line is that the Cardinals got robbed.

If you can review the entire game film and still come to the same conclusion then you must be a Pittsburgh bandwagon fan, I guarantee that this crew will receive a less than perfect grade.
I had no rooting interest in the game.

I will agree, the crew will not receive a perfect score. Then again, I don't know many who have worked a perfect game. Saying that, I'll add, I bet they get very good marks but in the end it won't matter because you'll just say the NFL is covering up for them.
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