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I would say that if your assignor thinks you're ready, then take the floor test. I doubt seriously if he is going to intentionally put someone in a situation he doesn't think they can handle. The rate people move us varies. I am just starting my second year (first in my chapter) and have a few lower/mid level varsity games on my schedule. Assignment Sec. and his committee all had a chance to watch me at camps working the various levels. "Real life" is usually different than camps but I'm going to give it my best.

Now I would vote different if you said you called a scrimmage at the next level and felt out of place or intimidated/overwhelmed by the speed and skill.

We are usually our own harshes critic...sometime you have to faith in your ability.

You can also take "comfort" in that you will be calling equally good or bad for both teams
I didn't say it was your fault...I said I was going to blame you.
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