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Originally posted by davekoch

sorry, the poster from the other board did not
indicate league or rules.

even so, under 6.06(c) would the batter be ruled
as interfering if he was returning to his pre-swing
stance and the bat hit the ball which the catcher
had dropped after taking it out of the glove to make
the throw?

-dave koch

This falls under the category of umpire judgement, but in your scenario F2 had a chance to get R1, but erred meaning he dropped the ball getting it out of his mit., so the chance of F2 throwing out R1 (even if the ball hadn't hit the bat) is probably slim. Therefore, unless B1 did something deliberate after F2 dropped the ball, I have nothing.

At most one could rule weak interference meaning B1 is not out but R1 (now R2) is returned to first, however, F2 had a legitimate chance to get r1 but dropped the ball.

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