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Originally posted by davekoch

the poster was then asked to clarify if it was the backswing
that hit the ball out of the way, the original poster responded:

"Yes, the batter was returning the bat after a swing."

first, is this a definition of backswing to be included
with the follow-thru backswing?

-dave koch

The "backswing" refered to in the rules would be the follow through of the attempt to strike the ball.

If the batter has completed his attempt to strike the ball (and the attendant folow through/backswing) the movement to return the bat to a "preswing" position could be "any other movement" that could be ruled inteference. Note that I said could, and not would.

Its probably a HTBT situation. If the batter's movement were judged to be part of his normal attempt to strike the ball, and he remained in the batter's box, you might not judge it to be inteference. Particularly since F2 apparently let the ball get away from him in the first place, and therefor caused the ball to be in a place that caused the contact.

Roger Greene
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