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Originally Posted by shishstripes View Post
You were right in that arrow should have been set to team A. Although A1 did grab the ball, which could be thought of as possession, it was ruled a violation. Team B inbounds after the violation, setting the arrow to team A when the throw-in is completed. Sorry I do not have case book for citation.

A1 can legally be the first to touch the ball after the jump ball has ended when it has touched another player or the floor.

See this older but very similar thread where Nevada sets it straight: Jump Ball
I think in this sit the arrow is set immediatly to team A when at the disposal of the thrower from team B. You do not set it after the throw-in is complete. 6.4.1 sit E. It is still a violation to touch the ball more than twice also so you may have had a violaton before the one called if I read right
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