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Jump Ball

Hello fellow officials I am new to this forum and have enjoy reading all the threads I have learned a lot. Every now and then I visit this forum to educate myself more about the rules and it has help me be a better official.

Anyway I have a question about a jump ball situation that happen in my game yesterday (2 men crew)

At the start of the game my partner tosses the jump ball for jumper A1 and B2. A great toss by my partner both A1 and B2 jump up for the tap. The ball is tip around about 3 times before the ball even touch the floor or the non jumpers, now jumper A1 gain control of the jump ball. My partner calls a violation on A1 for being the first person to gain possession of the jump ball now I didnít question his call and just went with what he had.
After the jump ball violation my partner awards the throw in to Team B for a spot throw in at the mid court. After Team B inbounds, the possession arrow is now set toward Team ďBĒ basket. I told the table to switch the arrow to Team ďAĒ basket because the possession of A1 during the jump ball did not count since the violation was called on Team A. One minute has gone by and now we have a jump ball and I signal toward Team ďAĒ basket. My partner over ruled the possession arrow and said that its Team B ball because Team A gain possession when A1 grab the ball during the jump ball. He said that once A1 control the jump ball even though itís a violation team control and possession was establish soon as A1 gain control of the ball once again I didnít not question his call.
At halftime I did ask him on both rulings and I told him I think that his ruling for both was wrong. Of course he was the veteran official and I didnít want to make a big deal about it so I left it alone after he said that was the correct call.

Soon as I got home I tried to look for it in the rule and case book and did not find any info about it so can someone please clarify the ruling and where is it in the case or rule book for me.

Thank you
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