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Originally Posted by RichGold View Post
Good evening and merry christmas to all. I am in San Diego and I am a new official. I am 34 male and interested in being a good referee. Are there any seasoned guys/gals out there who might be interested? Thanks, Rich
Gee Rich, this reads much like a looking for on Craigslist. However, I did find a website with officials associations on it in the San Diego area.

San Diego County CIF

I'm sure someone would be glad to talk with you in your area.

Everything Freddy has is spot on. Most crews will be glad to let you follow them in for pregame, halftime and post game. Take a pad and write down questions. "Why did you put your hands on your chest in looking at your partner?" (A. Informal signal of 10 players on the floor to partner) or "Why did you take the ball out on the side rather than baseline?" Let them talk about their issues and then ask questions. If something was a bit odd, they may already be planning on talking about it.

My son is a second year licensed official (still in HS) and is running the clock and scoreboard for a local Girls JV/V games. He has had plenty of good comments when he introduces himself as a new official and asks if he may join the crew at half and post game.
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