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Run The Endline, Or Not ???

Originally Posted by Freddy View Post
7-5-7-b stipulates, "A team retains this privilege if the scoring team commits a violation or common foul (before the throw-in ends and before the bonus is in effect) and the ensuinng throw-in spot would have been on the end line."
Bingo. That's what I was looking for. Thanks Freddy.

Here are some casebook plays:

7.5.7 SITUATION A: B1 goaltends on airborne shooter A1’s try. A1 fouls B1 in returning to the floor. RULING: Since no free throws result from the player-control foul, B’s throw-in is from anywhere along the end line because of the awarded goal for B1’s goaltending violation. (9-12 Penalty 1)

7.5.7 SITUATION B: Team A scores a field goal. B1 picks up the ball after the made basket, then proceeds out of bounds to start the throw-in process. B1 runs along the end line out of bounds while attempting to find an open teammate for the throw-in. Immediately after B1 releases the throw-in pass, (a) the ball is kicked by A2 near the end line; (b) the ball is kicked by A2 near the division line; or (c) the ball is deflected out of bounds across the end line off of A2. RULING: In (a) and (b), A2 has violated by kicking the ball. In (a), Team B will be awarded a throw-in and retain the right to run the end line on the ensuing throw-in. In (b), Team B will put the ball in play at a designated spot nearest the violation, which is the division line. In (c), A2 legally contacted the ball and subsequently hit it out of bounds, ending the throw-in. Team B is awarded a designated spot throw-in on the end line.

7.5.7 SITUATION C: Team B has scored a field goal and A1 has the ball along the end line for a throw-in. Team A is not in the bonus. Prior to the ball being thrown inbounds by A1: (a) B1 fouls A2 inbounds near A1; (b) B1 fouls A2 at the division line; (c) B1 fouls A2 beyond the division line; or (d) A2 requests a timeout. RULING: In (a) and (d), Team A may throw-in from anywhere out of bounds along the end line following the foul reporting and the time-out. In (b) and (c), the ball will be given to Team A for a throw-in from the spot out of bounds nearest to where the foul occurred.

7.5.7 SITUATION D: Team A scores a field goal. B1 picks up the ball and steps out of bounds at the end line to prepare for a throw-in. Before the throw-in is completed, A2 is called for an intentional (or flagrant) foul on B3 near the end
line. RULING: B3 would shoot the two free throws for the intentional (or flagrant) foul with the lane cleared. Team B will then have a designated spot throw-in on the end line. (7-5-4b)

7.5.7 SITUATION E: While A1's three-point field-goal attempt is in flight, A3 fouls B1 (B is not in the bonus) near the bottom block area. The three-point fieldgoal attempt is successful. RULING: Score the three-point goal for A1. Team B will be permitted to run the end line on the ensuing throw-in. (6-7-7 Exception 2)

7.5.7 SITUATION F: A1 is fouled during an unsuccessful try and is awarded two free throws. While A1’s successful first free throw is in flight, A2 fouls B1 along the lane. Team B is not in the bonus. The lane is cleared for A1’s second attempt. A1 then violates by having a foot through the free-throw-line plane prematurely. RULING: The free-throw violation by A1 cancels the second attempt. Since Team B is not in the bonus, it results in a designated spot throw-in from the nearest spot out of bounds from where A2’s foul occurred. Team B may not run the end line as the last free throw was unsuccessful. (9-1-3e)
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