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Originally Posted by cgb2010 View Post
Hi everybody, I ref an intramural league that plays by NCAA rules and another league by NFHS rules so if anybody could help me out with rulings under both rules it would be greatly appreciated.

A1 shoots a jumper. While the try is in the air, B1 pushes A2 in the back.

1. What is the ruling if the try is good? I awarded A2 one free throw because I remembered an older referee do the same earlier that year.

2. What if A2 pushes B1 and the try is good? Would this qualify as team control, making the play dead?

Thanks in advance.
NFHS rules:

1. A1's shot counts. Penalize the B1 foul with the 1+1 or 2 is the bonus is in effect. If there is no bonus, A's throw-in nearest the foul.

2. If A2 fouls, B1, the try is good if it is already in the air. In your case, count the basket, and B1 shoots shots if in the bonus.
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