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Welcome To The Jungle (I Mean Forum) ...

Originally Posted by cgb2010 View Post
Hi everybody, I ref an intramural league that plays by NCAA rules and another league by NFHS rules so if anybody could help me out with rulings under both rules it would be greatly appreciated.
cgb2010: Welcome the Forum. If you're a first year official, who has to learn two sets of rules at the same time, for an intramural league, well then, God bless you.

Relying on the advice of an "older referee", if older means more experienced, is often the right thing to do, but you have to be careful, older doesn't always equate to always correct. I'm a good example of this. I've been officiating for 28 years, and I'm still learning. Mark T. DeNucci, Sr., who often posts on this Forum, is older than dirt (and actually gave some advice to Dr. Naismith when he invented basketball), and even he's wrong once, or twice, a decade.

Good first post question. Merry Christmas.
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