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Is NFHS Case Book Play 2.10.1 Sit. G(d) (re: corr. error situation) really an error?

Below is an excerpt from a memo posted on the Texas Association of Sports Officials (TASO) - Basketball division's website:
Page 11. Play 2.10.1 Situation G(d) is incorrect. By rule, there is no player control during a throw-in, and the alternating possession provisions of rule 4 Sec. 36 art. 2(c) would apply.
Here's the Case Book situation in question:
A1 is fouled prior to the bonus, but erroneously A1 is awarded a one-and-one. The error is discovered: d.) after B1 has the ball for a throw-in after both attempts are successful. Ruling: d.) The successful free-throws are canceled and play continues with a throw-in by Team B as Team B had the ball when the game was interrupted for correction.

I've tried to confirm if any other resource had identified an error in the Fed's publications but I have not been successful. That's why I'm coming to the "brain trust" for your help. Is this case book scenario really an error...or does the TASO website have it wrong. Thanks for your help.
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