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Serious reply...

Originally Posted by mbyron View Post
In my area, nobody calls a T for a flop. Not an option.

A veteran gave me a great piece of advice when I pass on a foul in this situation. He told me, after the play's over and the defender's on the floor looking pitiful, look right at him and wave for him to get up (open palm facing up, arm moving low to high).

This gesture lets everyone know that you saw the play, chose not to call a foul, and so you didn't "miss" a call. In my experience, this works pretty well, especially in lower level games where coaches assume that any time a player ends up on the floor without a whistle, an official missed the call.
This may work in your area, but my upbringing completely frowns on this ideal. Same with the "blocked shot" signal. We don't need gestures to explain our calls or non calls. At some point these gestures will get you in trouble.
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