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Originally Posted by golfdesigner View Post
My trip, well, let's say it was a little bit of a challenge. By 4pm I had 23-miles yet to go, 7-miles in 90-minutes. Then things broke loose and it the next 16-miles only took 45-minutes; then the last 7-miles took just over 120-minutes.
This would absolutely kill me!

I had my first V game of the yr last week and left 2 1/2 hrs early for a 26 mile journey. Took me well over an hr to get there and the second half of the trip opened up like your middle portion.

I work mostly JV/MS games and, unlike my partners, still like to arrive 45 min early for a game and like you give myself plenty of time. When your situation happens to me and I start cutting it remotely close I am NO FUN in that car (minor road rage).....frustrating as he!! But, as everyone has said, that's why we get paid the big money!
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