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Chicago Suburban Basketball

Last Tuesday (12/16), it started with some light snow about 2:30p, so I decided to leave work early (@2:40) for the 30-mile trip that should take 1-hour max. I was scheduled for double header Frosh A tourney, tip-off at 5pm and 6:30pm. I thought leaving 2:20 before game time should be plenty of time to get me there in time to dress and pre-game with my partner.

My trip, well, let's say it was a little bit of a challenge. By 4pm I had 23-miles yet to go, 7-miles in 90-minutes. Then things broke loose and it the next 16-miles only took 45-minutes; then the last 7-miles took just over 120-minutes. I called the school at 4pm, again at 4:30pm and then at 4:55pm the AD called me and said, drive safely, we know you're making a valiant effort, but your partner is here so we are going to start. We'll pay you for both games when you get here.

Got there in time for the second half of the second game. Total trip 4hours 40 minutes to go 30-miles. Average speed a blistering 6.42 MPH. My GPS tracks avg. MPH and the last 7-miles we blazed at 3.5 MPH, needless to say gas mileage bit the big one on this trip.

Fortunately trip home after the game was only 5-miles and took about 20-minutes.

And they say we do this for the money.
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