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I feel your pain. It is amazing how stupid people with graduate degrees in education can be.

MTD, Sr.
Mark T. DeNucci, Sr.
IAABO (Lake Erie District) Board #55
Toledo, Ohio

Gentlemen, I am a school administrator, and I do certainly take offense to both these statements. Don't let a few bad apples dictate your opinion of us all. That is akin to saying that one bad official means we are all horrible. Not true in either case.

I will also add that ANY official that comes to my campus is treated professionally, always. They are provided a safe, clean, and secure area to change and talk. They are provided with drinks (gatorade, water), towels, and showers with hot water. They are also greeted upon entering the facility and escorted onto and off of the floor before, during, and after the game, including an escort to their vehicles upon leaving. No one is allowed to speak with the officials before, during, or after the game. Also officials working at my school don't have to worry about coming to me in regards to fan behavior either, because I am already addressing it. We police the fans to ensure that they are practicing good sportsmanship, no foul-mouthed comments or yelling and screaming at the officials. First time + warning, second time = going home with NO refund. OH, and if we can, we try to have something for the officials to eat or snack on as well.

I will finish by adding that I am a tad disappointed that your comments were even made, and I, personally and professionally, would expect better from fellow officials . . . especially from those on this forum that I have come to admire and respect.

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