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Case book back me up?

I'm coaching a 6th grade CYO team today.

Couple of minutes into the game I have a sub report, they come in and play, have a foul called against them. Come to find they are not in the book.

Referee comes over and discusses with our parent volunteers at the table. I say I submitted my list of players (it was on the table) he says the player is not in the book, so we have a technical.

As he was going to administer I suggested he would need to check his case book when he got home. Later I was thinking, I don't know if the case book supports me here.
I know that if I were officiating, I would look at the submitted list and if the player was properly submitted I would not issue the technical.

Anyways, kid misses both throws, no biggie. I don't know that he has a case book! He called traveling on a throw in, did a redo on a throw-in which did not make it onto the court (I BLAME SOCCER!) and a couple of other goodies. Overall it was all good and the older and younger officials did a good job. We lost by a couple cuz we could not make a shot to save our lives.

Does the case book support no Administrative Technical if submitted lineup is accurate and in the copying the scorekeeper omitted a player?
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