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Originally Posted by RichMSN View Post
Of course I'm talking about other people's (non-officials') perspectives. My father, who's visiting from the east coast, thinks I'm crazy. He told me to "bag it." He doesn't understand, and neither do many of my non-official relatives and friends.

It does seem a bit strange, doesn't it? I could make $55 working a part time job at home for 4-5 hours. It's clearly about more than just money for almost all of us.
If you they only look at it as a job. The problem is this is more than a job for us. If it was just about the money, I would work 100 Men's leagues and forget working any high school. I could make more money easily if it was just about the money. I have gone much further for things that had nothing to do with money. I know people that go hours to play golf and those people paid $100 just for fees and that did not include gas or other extra-curricular activities. If you ask me that is crazy but I am not a golfer either.

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