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Originally Posted by JRutledge View Post
Seventy-Four miles is not very long under normal circumstances. Usually without metropolitan traffic, that is only a little over and hour.

Not insane or stupid, it is life in these parts. I had a similar situation, but I had some car trouble probably attributed to the cold weather. I got to the game 4 minutes in the 1st Quarter (Fun, fun day).

If the weather was perfect you would have been there much earlier. What are you going to do, always take games with bad weather as a consideration? If you did that you would not ever work games. This "winter" the weather has been bad very early and often in these parts. My partners told me last night, life happens even when you prepare.

Of course I'm talking about other people's (non-officials') perspectives. My father, who's visiting from the east coast, thinks I'm crazy. He told me to "bag it." He doesn't understand, and neither do many of my non-official relatives and friends.

It does seem a bit strange, doesn't it? I could make $55 working a part time job at home for 4-5 hours. It's clearly about more than just money for almost all of us.
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