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Marijuana, What Marijuana, Officer ???

Originally Posted by Freddy View Post
Could it be reasoned that "we do this" for the following reasons?A. It's a passion;B. It's an obsession;C. It's a career;D. It's a hobby;E. It's a means of income
It's a winter hobby that I can make a little money on. I wouldn't do it for free. And I could probably make a lot more money with some other type of part-time job. Plus, as Freddy stated, it's my passion. Interscholastic basketball was, and is, my favorite sport, as a player, as a coach, as a father, as a fan, and as an official.

In the summer, I garden, flowers, lawn, and vegetables. As basketball winds down, I'm starting my seeds in the basement, under fluorescent lights. Someday a police officer will drive by my house at night, and see bright lights coming from my basement windows, night, after night, all night long. Any of you guys willing to put up some bail money for me.
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