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More handshake idiocy

Did my 3rd high school game of the season last night, here in MA. First two games, the handshake was not an issue as nobody seemed to even realize we were supposed to be part of it.

Last night, we get to the game site and site administration did not meet with us before the game about the handshake. Somebody (who I thought was a janitor, due to the keys hanging from his belt) brought us the sign-in sheet. We did the game without incident. But because nobody met us and told us how the handshake would run and who would meet us when we came off the floor, we are excused from participating. So we left at the final horn.

The AD comes to the locker room. "So you guys need to fill out the form for not staying?" I told him that we were excused because of the reasons I stated above. Now he gets hot. "Somebody met you! You signed in, right?" I tried to explain the protocol, and he says we're "ridiculous". We only want to do it "by the book" (which is probably true). And that "common sense overrules the protocol".

And then, of course, he says he's going to block us from coming back for the rest of the year. I said that didn't seem right, considering we followed the rules. He says "I can block anybody for any reason I want! I'm calling MIAA and giving them your names." I said "Fine, as long as you're man enough to tell them WHY we didn't stay."

So now, even though I didn't have to fill out a report for the game itself, I am going to fill out a report on the AD's behavior, just so my side of the story gets to the MIAA.

This is really stupid.
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