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Originally Posted by Chess Ref View Post
Insane .

In our area we have to drive to this one school where there's tule fog,a windy mountaineous 2 lane country road with no lights, the people are real close to legimate hillbillys and all the accompanying social graces. Its never a fun ride or game.

Still its not even close to being as bad as your journey.
Sounds like a place I used to work in Tennessee when I lived there. One night when the moonshine was flowing, we were followed out of town by some rednecks who chased behind us for 30 miles until I pulled into a police station over the county line.


Welcome to Wisconsin. The visiting team drove 56 miles in the same weather I did -- they just didn't have the last 15 miles to my house.

This morning -- temperature is -10 with a wind chill of -32. Debating on whether to walk to the mailbox to get the newspaper.

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