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Double foul....thank you forum!

Had a good BV game tonight between two state ranked 6A schools. 4th quarter white up 2, blue shoots FT misses and white rebounds with play starting to go other way. W1 and B1 start a little extra pushing and partner calls a double foul. I'm @ C so I run over to where the action is and try to line the players up for white throw in. Since reading this forum, I know this was changed a couple years ago (thanks Nevada). Partner doesn't read this forum, neither does U1. Even the table, who is another referee in our association, puts both thumbs up indicating jump ball or alternating possesion. Arrow points blue. I was U2 but tried to talk with the R - calling official.

Me: "Bobby, white ball from POI". Bobby "that's only in college". Me "ugh".

Blue got the ball. Luckily, white made a clanky, hit every piece of rim you can, free throw with 2.1 seconds left to win.

We looked it up after the game and I had three seasoned officials with their jaws gapped open after reading 10-6 penalties 1C.

As Nevada told me after my first post here, sometimes you don't really know what you think you know.
If it's a foul on that end, IT'S GOTTA BE A FOUL ON THIS END!!!!!

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