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Originally Posted by lakers8 View Post
1. the head coach or any assistant coach may orally or visually request and be granted a timeout. t or f?
2. A team need only be in team control to request and be granted a time-out. t or f?
3.once the ball has been released by the thrower, opponents may break the throw in boundary plane. t or f?
4. the thrower may reach the ball through the throw-in boundary plane prior to releasing it on a throw in pass. t or f?
5. Wristbands may be a maximum of 4 inches and may be worn anywhere on the arm. t or f?
Just to throw in my metric 2cents here are the FIBA answers, I have included quotes from the rules where the ruling differs to NFHS etc.

1. False
18.3.1 Only a coach or assistant coach has the right to request a time-out. He shall establish visual contact with the scorer or he shall go to the scorer’s table and ask clearly for a time-out, making the proper conventional sign with his hands.

2. False - a timeout can only be granted when the ball is dead.
18.2.3 A time-out opportunity begins when:
• The ball becomes dead, the game clock is stopped and the official has ended his communication with the scorer's table.
• The ball becomes dead following a last or only successful free throw.
• For the non-scoring team, a field goal is scored.

3. True

4. True

5. False - wristbands are not specifically mentioned in the rules, except for:
4.4.2 Players shall not wear equipment (objects) that may cause injury to other players.

Just in case you were wondering......
Duane Galle
P.s. I'm a FIBA referee - so all my posts are metric

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