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Explanations to Coaches part II

Not to hijack the discussion about talking to coaches- the below post from Just Another Ref got my attention:

Me: Blue, 14, push, one and one.

Coach: (sarcastically) So you're gonna shoot on the offensive foul?

Me: Coach, there is no team control during a throw-in.

His mouth opened..........and not another word came out. My idea at the time was that the phrase team control was foreign to him. >>>

Had the exact same thing happen last night at boys V/JV scrimmage. Team A is inbounding and has ball at disposal. A1 fouls B1. We are in the bonus for Team B. I think for a second before reporting, and indicate 1 and 1. Team A Coach starts to go nuts, along with his asst and JV coach, something about an offensive foul... I turn and say "coach there is no team control on a throw in- we're shooting 1-1" then I wait for a second... three gaping pie holes with utter confusion on their faces. Not another word the rest of the game.

Crisis averted!

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