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Originally Posted by djmaryb View Post
I am writing out of concern for all student athletes.

It has come to my attention that referees and umpires are not subjected to background checks.

This is concerning because these officials often times are in the same locker rooms as the students.

One particular offical has come to my attention...(although I am sure there are more out there).

XXX has domestic violence convictions, assault convictions and 2 DUI convictions. A further search of his background shows drug charges 20 years ago in MA. Mr. Bush currently officiates IAABO Basketball, NHIAA Baseball and NHIAA Softball.

I am concerned that this person is of questionable character and is less than the role model we expect those whom are PAID to be around our children should be.

XXX is currently without his license due to his 2nd DUI conviction and is on probation for assault. Is this the kind of person we want around our athletes????

I believe that those whom are paid to be around our children should be held to the same ethics and standards as any teacher or other person employed by the school districts.

Without a background check, how can we be certain the people officiating our athletes are not pediphiles, drug dealers or similar unsavory characters.

I trust that you will agree with me and push for background checks on all officials and persons whom are "employed" on any level with the school. Especially those individuals whom are in positions of power and whom are in close contact with the students.
I will get on board with this as soon as the schools or the state associations pay for it. Not me.
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