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Another T or No T situation

GV game and I am in the stands after completing my game. Three person crew working two closely matched teams and the home team has seen its lead in the 4th quarter evaporate from 10pts to 5pts.

On an end-line throw-in for the visitors and in the vistors FC, center official (across the court from the team benches) calls a pushing foul on the visitors shortly after the ball becomes live, but before the throw-in is completed. Visitors coach becomes visibly upset with the call and starts a rant at the calling official. He does not use profanty or make it personal, he is just upset with the call. Coach then calls a full time-out and spends the entire 60 seconds staring at the calling official who is now on the blocks at the far end of the court. He never even looks at his team, but just keeps up the drop dead stare. As the time-out is ending, new trail gets with the coach and tells him the call is not going to change so lets just play and get by it. ( I later learn the crew has pre-gamed as much tolorance as possible for the coaches and not to go looking for trouble.)

Game continues and visitors eventully win by 3.

In the officials room after the game, the official who made the foul call and was the object of the stare-down is upset that neither of his partners T'ed the coach for the obvious stare down, and I get a call from one of the partners after the game for my take on it, because he knows I had the best view from the stands.

I told him, in my opinion, the coach made himself look like an #ss to everybody in the stands who knew anything about basketball and he didn't completely earn the T because he wasn't personal, persistant, or profane in voice once the initial rant was over. He just looked like a little bully trying to intimidate someone, looking stupid, and giving up a time-out in a close game to do it.

I also told him I would present the senerio to you guys for your opinions. I know it would mean more if you were there, but would an obvious stare-down such as this cause you to give the automatic T?
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