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Originally Posted by stripes View Post
This is true. What works with one coach may not work with another. You have to try some things out and see what happens. Make some mental notes and use things that work better.

Ignoring coaches is rarely the best answer.
Solid advice, answer their questions - susinctly stick to the rule, stick to what you saw - do not wing it, you will eventually say something wrong and you will pay for it.

Do not get in a running conversation with a coach, the less said the less trouble you can get yourself into. Innocent remarks can be taken out of context and then you have a problem.

Do not innitiate conversations with Coaches, believe me if they want to hear from you, they will let you know.
Work on your posture so that you apear open and receptive when you are talking to them. (example - having your arms crossed in front of you give a closed off impression as though you are not listening or willing to take in information).

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