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Originally Posted by Boni View Post
Question from former coach, now a fan.

Team A is behind and scores a basket. Coach for A requests a time out, but team B quickly inbounds ball and player on B has dribbled about 2 times when referee blows whistle.

Ref says inadvertent whistle, should not have granted the time out, spot throw in.

At this time coach requests the time-out again since it was a dead ball and the ref says we are putting the ball into play, no time out.

I enjoy talking rules with refs in a nice way. So I go up after the game and ask him about the situation. When coaching I kept up on the rules and read the rule book quite often.

I asked that since he stopped play for the inadvertent whistle, what was the reason for not granting the time out at that point. He said it would put Team B at a disadvantage to which I said the disadvantage had already occurred due to the inadvertent whistle, I think at that point you should have granted the time out. At that point he was no longer interested in talking civil and told me to either be a fan or a ref, not both. Honestly, I was not yelling, complaining, just discussing, so not sure why the attitude.

So what is the proper management of this situation
He wasn't civil because very few people like to have their mistakes pointed out. The official was wrong and you were right. It's that simple.
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