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Exclamation Little Man on the Court!

Girls Freshman game tonight. Two big schools - fairly competitive, low scoring game. I'm T. Late in third quarter V passing in front court, knocked away by H. Ball goes into the back court. Mad dash for the ball. Four girls running HARD after it.....and out of the corner of my eye I see a young boy maybe 18 months old ON THE COURT GOING AFTER THE BALL! Holy crap!!! He might have won the race to the ball too! TWEEEEEET!

Mom comes out of the stands and retrieves her son - and I mean the court is a good 15 feet from the stands! Wow, mom really lost track of where junior was! My heart was going.

This is the part I questioned myself on. It was a loose ball. Last team posession was V. I gave the ball back to V at POI. Thougths?
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