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Originally Posted by Bad Zebra View Post
Girls Varsity game last night. Player for home team is wearing a white, long sleeve Underarmor type undershirt during warm ups. Looked kinda odd. I can't remember seeing it before. Quick check of the rulebook (Fed) didn't reveal any info that would make it illegal, so we let it go. I looked back at threads discussing undershirts and found one from last year about Candace Parker's in the final four, but that's NCAAW.

Anyone know of a caseplay or rule that I'm missing or are long sleeve undershirts legal for Fed play??
I dont have my rule book here, but I look back at a 2006-07 book and could not find anything. I know Candice Parker (NCAA) wore a long sleeved shirt during some of her games.....other may have more information.
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