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Originally Posted by just another ref View Post
I'll play along.

10-3-8: A player shall not be charged with fighting.
I can play this game too.

A1 is attempting the second free throw of a two-shot foul.
While the second free throw is in flight, A2 and B1 punch each other simultaneously.

Both A2 and B1 are disqualified for fighting. Since this is a double personal foul, no free throws are awarded. The ball is put in play at the point
of interruption. If A1's free throw is successful, Team B is awarded a throw-in
from anywhere along the end line. If A1's free throw is unsuccessful, the alternating-
possession procedure is used. (4-19-8; 6-4-3g; 7-5-3b; 4-36; 10-3-8; 10
Penalty 1c, 8a(1))

*10.4.5 SITUATION A:
Post-players A1 and B1 begin punching each other and
play is stopped. Two substitutes from each team leave the bench area and come
onto the court. The four substitutes: (a) do not become involved in the fight; (b)
all become involved in the fight; or (c) substitutes A6, A7, and B6 do not participate
in the fight, but B7 becomes involved in the fight.
RULING: A1 and B1 are
charged with flagrant fouls and are disqualified, but no free throws result from
the double personal flagrant fouls. ...

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