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Originally Posted by Tim C View Post
1 Gerry Davis Fiber Case
1 Wilson MLB Rolling Case
1 Carlucci Garment Bag
1 NIKE Carry Bag (W/shoe care kits, Bag of shoestrings, bandaids, shin guard clips, pliers, scissors, etc.)

3 West Vest Masks (1 navy, 1 black and 1 royal blue) Each in own bag
1 Carlucci Chest Protector (Royal Blue)
1 Original West Vest Chest Protector (back-up)
1 Pair of Carlucci Leg Guards (Royal Blue)
1 Pair of NIKE Low Top Plate Shoes (in carry bags w/shoe trees)
1 Pair of Mizuno Base Shoes (in carry bags w/shoe trees)
1 Pair of Spotbuilt Combo Plate/Base Shoes (in carry bags w/shoe trees)
6 Pair of Davis Ultimate Sox
6 Pair of Black Socks
2 Cap Carriers
6 Hats (3 Black & 3 Navy -- 2 with combo bill, 2 with seven stitch bill)
4 Pair of McDavid Undergarments (all gray 2 bicycle length 2 full length)
3 Protective Cups (one banana for the plate - two regular cups)
2 Black Belts
2 Rubber (hold-in-place) belts
2 Honigs Plate Pants Heather Grey
2 Honigs Base Pants Heather Grey
3 Honigs Plate Pants Charcoal
3 Honigs Base Pants Charcoal
2 McDavid Short Sleeve Undershirts Crème
2 McDavid Short Sleeve Undershirts Black
4 McDavid Short Sleeve Undershirts Navy
4 McDavid Short Sleeve Undershirts Red
2 McDavid Long Sleeve Undershirts Navy
2 McDavid Long Sleeve Undershirts Red
1 Long Sleeved Turtle Neck - Navy
1 Long Sleeved Turtle Neck - Red
2 Honig's Plate Shirts Navy
2 Honig's Plate Shirts Crème
2 Honig's Plate Shirts Black
2 Honig's Plate Shirts Light Blue
2 Honig's Base Shirts Navy
2 Honig's Base Shirts Light blue
2 Honig's Base Shirts Crème
1 Honig's Base Shirts Black
1 Mizuno Gray windbreaker undergarment
1 Feecheimer Navy Plate Coat
1 Feecheimer Black Plate Coat
1 Butwing Navy Base Pullover
1 Logo Athletic Navy Pull Over
1 Hongis's Black (w/white piping) Base Pull Over
1 Honigs Black Pullover Short Sleeve
1 Honigs Navy Pullover Short Sleeve
8 Stainless Steel Indicators (4 ball - 3 Strike)
6 Wood Handled Plate Brushes
2 Pair +POS Cold Weather Gloves
12 Sharpies (Fine Point) 6 Red and 6 Black
1 Pair Bolle Sunglasses (interchangable lenses)
6 Pair of contact Lenses (w/solutions etc.)
1 Hongis Dry Erase Board (w/ markers)
1 Timepiece ( hangs from belt loop under ball bag)
1 Directors Chair
1 Foot Carpet
1 Pair of NIKE Flip Flops
2 Shoe Horns
1 Set of Federation Rule books, Case Books, etc
1 OBR Rule Book
1 OAOA Umpire Manual for a Two Umpire Crew

BTW, I have never creased my hats nor will I EVER.

This is just SICK!

How the heck do you fit all that in a Yugo??
"These go to 11"
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