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Revised 1996 Interps

Printing Error: Rules Book, page 29. 4-19-7a Note
— Throw-in from spot nearest foul.

SITUATION #1: Thrower Al inbounds the ball to A2. A2 immediately throws the ball back to Al. When Al touches the pass, he or she has: (a) both feet touching inbounds; or (b) one foot touching inbounds and one out-of-bounds; or (c) one foot touching inbounds and the other not touching the floor. .
RULING: The ball remains live in (a) and (c), but Al has caused the ball to be out-of-bounds in.(b). (4-4-4; 4-34-1,2)

SITUATION #2: Al and Bl begin fighting and play is stopped. Substitute A6 leaves the bench area and enters the court to observe. B6 also enters the court at the same time, butB6 actually participates. in the fight. . .
RULING: Al, Bl, A6 and B6 are all disqualified. No free throws result from the double flagrant foul by Al and Bl, or from the simultaneous technical fouls by A6 and B6. Each head coach is charged with one indirect technical foul. Play resumes with an alternating possession throw-in from the division line opposite the table. (6-3-3f,g; 10-6 pen id)

SITUATION #3: While Al’s try is in flight, A2 and B2 legally obtain potential rebounding positions. B2’s position has his d her back to 2 and is, directly between A2 and the basket. . As the unsuccessful try rebounds from the ring: (a) B2 moves backward and pushes/displaces A2 from his or her legal position;. or (b) A2 beats” B2, getting his or her head and shoulders past the front of B2’s torso. B2 then moves laterally and pushes/displaces A2.
RULING: A foul on B2 in both (a) and (b),. (4-7-1; 4-27; 4-35-1)

SITUATION’ #4: Thrower Al inadvertently steps through the plane of the boundary line and touches the court inbounds. Al immediately steps back into normal out-of-bounds throw in position. The contact with the court was during, a situation: (a) with; Or (b) without defensive pressure on the throw-in team.
RULING: A violation in both (a) and (b). (9-2-5)
COMMENT: Whether or not there was .defensive pressure or whether or not stepping on the court. was inadvertent, it is a violation and no judgment is required in making the call.

SITUATION #5: During the dad ball period’ immediately following a goal by Al, Bl is charged’ with an’ unsportsmanlike technical foul for using profanity toward Al. A few seconds later, A2 ‘is charged with an unsportsmanlike technical foul for taunting Bl. Are free throws awarded or are the fouls considered to have occurred simultaneously with ‘offsetting, penalties? “‘ ‘ ‘ ,
RULING: The fouls ‘did not occur simultaneously and free throws are awarded in the order in which the fouls occurred. Team A ‘will attempt their two free throw followed by Team B’s two attempts.. Following the second attempt by Team B, they will have a throw-in from the division line opposite the table. (4-19-8; 8-7)

SITUATION #6: Al is out-of-bounds for a throw- in. Bl reaches through the boundary plane and knock’s the ball out of Al’s hands. Team B has not been warned previously for a throw-in plane
infraction. ‘
RULING: Bl is charged with a technical foul and it also results in the official having a team warning recorded and announced to the head coach.
(4-45-1; 9-3-12)

SITUATION #7: Defensive player Bl jumps from his or her frontcourt and while in the air secures control of the ball. Bl’s momentum is such that he or she lands with the first foot clearly in B’s frontcourt. Bl’s other foot then comes down in B’s backcourt after the first foot was’ down in the frontcourt.
RULING: Legal. The exception allows the player to make a normal landing and it makes no difference whether the first foot down is in ‘frontcourt or backcourt. (9-9 Exp 2)

SITUATION #8: Al is at the free throw liné for an attempt but does not yet have the ball. Bl and B2 are, occupying the first lane spaces as required. Lane spaces 2 and 3 on each side of the lane are vacant..B3 and B4 occupy the fourth lane spaces on each side of the lane. However, Al and A3 then request to occupy lane space.4 on each side of the lane. Should, the administering official’ grant the request even though spaces 2 and 3 are unoccupied and the request was’ made after Team B took the fourth lane spaces?
RULING: The request is honored as Team A is entitled to each other alternate position along each lane line.’The request must be made before the ball is at the disposal of the free thrower (8_lL3b)

SITUATION #9: Team A leads by one point when they inbound the ball in their backcourt with 12 seconds remaining in the fourth quarter, A1s throw-in pass is to A2 who dribbles in the backcourt until the horn sounds. The trail official does not make. a 10-second Call because he or she lost the count.
RULING: The game is over. The clock may not be reset as there are no rule provisions to do this. If the count was not accurate or was not made, it cannot be corrected. There is no provision for the correction of an error made in the official’s accuracy in counting seconds. (2-14).

SITUATION #10: Team B leads by 3 points with 4 seconds, remaining in the fourth quarter. Team A Is td throw-in from a spot out-of-bounds on the end line; Players begin jockeying for positions just after the official has handed the ball to Al. Bl, while trying to deny a pass from Al to A2: (a) grab A2’s arm; or (b) pushes A2 from behind; or (c) runs into a legal screen set by A3.
RULING: In (a) and (b) it is an intentional personal foul designed to keep the clock from starting or to neutralize an opponent’s obvious advantageous position. In (c) running into a screen is a different situation and must be judged on whether Bl made any attempt to minimize the contact once he or she realized the screen was set. (4-19-2,3)

SITUATION #11: Al is at the free throw line for two attempts. Before the first attempt is released, Bl steps into the lane. The administering official’ inadvertently sounds the whistle and Al ‘does not release the ball.
RULING: Play will be resumed by re-administering the first free throw with the official indicating the violation by B1 using the prescribed signal. (9-II0)

SITUATION #12 Al is at the free throw line for two attempts. Bl steps into the lane’ prematurely and the administering official properly signals the violation. Al’s attempt is unsuccessful. Bl is then charged with a technical foul for unsportsmanlike conduct. Team A requests a time-out which is granted. How does play resume following the time-out?
RULING: The lane is cleared for Al’s substitute first attempt and for the second attempt. Any Team A player or entering substitute(s) may then attempt the two‘free throws resulting from the technical foul by B1. Following the last free throw, Team A will have a throw-in from the division line opposite the table. (8-1-2)

SITUATION #13: Al is dribbling when he or she is charged with ‘an intentional foul for elbowing BI. Since Al was in control, will Bl be awarded free throws if Team A is in the bonus situation?
RULING: Whether or not Team A is in the bonus is of no consequence in this situation., An intentional foul is always penalized by awarding the offended player two free throws and the ball for a throw-in. (10-6 Pen 4)’

SITUATION #14: Al is fouled and both teams are in the bonus. Erroneously Al is not awarded a free throw(s). Team A is given a throw-in and Al inbounds the ball to A2 who is fouled by Bl. When the official reports the foul at the table, the error of not awarding Al’s free throw(s) is discovered; How is this situation administered?
RULING: The additional activity which occurred prior to the recognition of the error cannot be canceled. The ‘lane: is cleared or Al’s bonus attempt(s) followed by penalizing for Bl’s foul with players occupying lane positions. Play continues as per ‘rule following A2’s attempt(s). (2-10-5, 6)

SITUATION #15: Three of the Team A starters “appear on, the court wearing gloves. The referee rules that gloves may not be worn.
RULING: The referee is correct. Historically the interpretation has been that gloves are not necessary to play the game and will not be allowed. (3-5)

SITUATION #16: Since it is a violation for thrower Al to throw the ball directly into the basket from out-of-bounds, what happens, if Bi touches the throw in pass while the ball is in the cylinder above A’s basket?
RULING: Bl is charged with basket interference and a 2-point goal is scored. Team B is awarded the ball for a throw-in anywhere along the end line as after a scored goal except the official shall place the ball at, the disposal of a player of Team B, for a throw-in from any point outside the end line. (9-2-7; 9414)

SITUATION #17: Al is preparing to attempt the first of two free throws. Bi, who’ is occupying a marked ‘lane space, fakes as if to enter, the lane, prematurely. Al releases the ball but it does not strike the ring or enter the basket.
RULING: The violation for faking applies only to players along the lane and only if an opponent enters the lane early because’ of the fake. However, in this .situation, the administering official may judge that the fake disconcerted Al. If disconcertion is called, the violation by, Al is disregarded and a substitute throw is awarded. If disconcertion is not, ruled, Al’s violation cancels the first attempt and the second attempt is awarded. (9-l-3,4,Pen. 3)

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