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Originally Posted by JRutledge
869 Total Wins
11 National Championships
42 Big Ten Titles (more than anyone)
3 Heisman Trophy Winners.

And I believe Michigan had not lost two games on opening day since 1951-1952.

And I cannot think of the last time Michigan has not been in a bowl game (longest running current streak in the country BTW) and I recall a team from Florida got beat last January by the same team we are talking about (SEC Team right).

I will take two loses any day and have that history.

While this meant something at one point, it doesn't anymore. Bowl games are for revenue only. With the number of bowl games out there, being selected to a bowl game has lost it's hoopla. Unless it's for the NC of course. I might even say that the Rose, Fiesta, Tostitos - you know, the "big 4 (5?)" games are worthy, but that's it - but even those are less worthy.
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