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Here is an update....

After the news deciding that this would be a pretty bad storm, we were told to get out of the city. We did. I came up to Shreveport to be with the rest of my family. We found out today that my grandmother (who is with me) lost her intire roof of her house. I left my car at her house and drove her in her van. I also left quite a bit of important information there because I did not think this was going to happen. Hopefully, it was just the tin gone and the plywood and other stuff is still there. We want to get back ASAP to try and save all that we can. I feel so bad for her because she also lost her home to Andrew back in 93. A big differece this time is she does not have my grandfather around to help her get through it. My mom's traile lost the carport. We are hopeing to get in tomorrow to get a look at all of the damage. I am not sure if my family will be able to come but I have a government pass to get back in. I will let everyone know after I get home about the damage. I was told that we should expect to be without lights or water for 12-16 days.

Thanks for all of the prayers and please continue them.
Brandan M. Trahan
Lafayette, LA
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