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Originally Posted by brandan89
As I am sure that most of you have seen on the television over the past few days Gustav is more than likely going to strike in the next few days. Once again, I am just asking that everyone keep us in mind and pray for us if you will. I will try and keep everyone updated on how everything goes. Unfortunately, I will not get to leave with my family. With they field of work that I am in it requires me to stay. I work for the 911 center in my parish. (Louisiana has parishes not counties.) I also am a member of the Fire Department so I guess if we are not busy at 911, I will be out with them trying to help rescue.
brandan89: It's about 3:00 p.m. EDT. I just checked out the National Hurricane Center website, and it looks like Gustav is headed right toward Lafayette, like you have a big target painted on your town center. You are very brave to remain to help out those in need. I will pray for you, your fellow emergency workers, and all the residents of your great state. Good luck, and may God bless.

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