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Originally Posted by wadeintothem
You seem to think all CA teams count. Many are watered down or like east coast teams, Gold in title only... or simply 2nd teamers of a big org who get the left overs (example angels tyson (main team) / angels adishian (left over squad)

The only 6 CA teams that count are:
Corona Angels - Marty Tyson
Sting -Bob Perales
OC BatBusters
Sorcerers - Phil Mummia
Worth Fire Crackers..
Sol Cal Explosion

The rest are are not top level.

Of those
Corona - still there
Sting - Sent by CA team
OC BB- Sent by CA team
Sorcerers Phil - Sent by AZ Team
Worth Firecrackers - Sent by CA team
So Cal explosion - still there.

Those are the facts.

I dont care if some Georgia team squeaked by some 2nd teir CA team.
Sting and Worth headed home; Friday, before noon in OKC time.

Worth loses first to OK team, then sent home by CA team.
Sting loses first to CA team, then sent home by TX team.
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