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The Walk Away Technique

In light of Tim's "Run Him?" thread, I would like to discuss the technique of turning and walking away from a coach, rat or player who is arguing a call. Please consider the following actions by a game participant towards an umpire whose back is turned and who is moving in the opposite direction:

1) Continues yelling at the umpire
2) Re-enacts the play
3) Gives the umpire the finger
4) Incites yelling from the fans
5) Follows the umpire to whereever he is going
6) Says "hang on can we have an appeal?"
7) Acts like a victim and starts complaining to various game participants that the umpire walked away from him and wouldn't give him an explanation

All the actions I listed are something that a rat might do to show up an umpire who is walking away from the play but cannot see whatever the rat is doing. How should an umpire (or his partner) deal with the actions listed above?