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Originally Posted by ChuckElias
Sox are in the tank in Anaheim, so I can't bring myself to talk about the AL East.
Aw geeze, I was waiting for you to comment on Manny's great defensive play in Friday night's game. You know, the one where he turned a soft liner into a 200 foot triple. Think it's a coincidence that he never saw left field again in the two games after that?

When Big Papi comes back this weekend, either him or Manny is gonna have to play a position if the BoSox wanna get both their bats in the lineup.

Of course, I say that knowing that the Yankees are leading the free world in first basemen/DH's. Lemme see...we got Giambi, Sexson, Betemit, Posada 'cause his arm is gone... and if Matsui and Damon weren't both on the DL. one of them would have to DH too.
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