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Originally Posted by Jurassic Referee
And speaking of brownpop.......

Just watching the Cubbies on Comcast. They were showing some of those sickening crowd shots of all the cute little anklebiters with their parents. They picked out one boy....oh, about 7-years old, at a guess... just as his dad handed him a beer in a plastic glass to suck on. Lol....that shot moved on in a hurry to some other fans. Of course, maybe the beer belonged to the kid and he had just given his dad a sip.

And no, he wasn't a midget either.

The kid will probably make a great referee when he grows up.
Hey, I watch Comcast and WGN enough to know the reason you watch is for the crowd shots. They might show the occasional kid, but you can pretty much tell the camera operators are male.

Do you remember the recent story about the U of M professor that took his kid to a Tigers game, bought the kid a lemonade, and got arrested and his kid taken away for a time? Apparently the professor wasn't aware Mike's Lemonade had alcohol in it. The sign at the concession stand said only Mike's Lemonade, along with Beer and Hot Dogs. The cops thought it was an honest mistake, but DCFS had to "do their job". The kid may turn out to be a good ref, but, come to think of it, I've never known a DCFS worker to be a good ref... (careful, M&M...)
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