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Originally Posted by JugglingReferee
The video loads choppy on my computer using both IE and FF, so I cannot comment based on the video. I've always thought in high regard of SI's photos, and looking at the still at the end of the clip, it looks like PI should have been applied.
So I went back to watch the video again. This time it did "chop" a bit, but way way less than last time. I think it's because I rebooted my computer. I must have improved the performance of my PC and eliminated the effects of some memory leaks, etc.

Originally Posted by Texas Aggie
No DPI. Ball is uncatchable. Commentary on the video is by a fan who doesn't understand the rules. The wave off was not due to a touch, but due to the ball would not have been caught by the receiver even without illegal contact. I don't blame the BJ at all; I probably would have flagged this as from where he was, it was difficult to see the whole series of events. In a 5 man system, they likely would have missed this.
I agree, sort of, with TX Aggie - no DPI.

I agree that there should be no DPI, but I do believe that the play is too close to call uncatchable anyways. A-9 certainly would have a chance for his left hand on the ball. I also don't place any blame with the BJ.

Although there was this (otherwise illegal) contact by B-38 on A-9 before the ball was tipped by B-33, the tipped ball laterally went in the opposite direction as A-9, and was therefore uncatchable.

Originally Posted by Texas Aggie
Bad mechanics by the R, however. Should have, at worst, given a preliminary signal off mic for DPI, then waved the flag off before announcing it. Would have also given him time to get away from the players.

I agree that it looks bad to have the R come back on the mic, but in Canada's game, it is not his fault.

Not sure how the NFHS or NCAA mechanic works, but in Canada, the proper PI procedure would never have even allowed the R to announce a flag that would have been later picked up. Another covering official would have come in to the BJ (FJ in our game), whistling if need be, to the BJ (FJ) that the pass was uncatchable - and why. The BJ (FJ) would then decide if the DPI should or should not stand, then take this info to the R and the R would then report the ruling on the field.

I'm sure that the US has a procedure to use as well.
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